Semaine du document numérique

et de la recherche d'information

18-20 mars 2010, Sousse, Tunisie

Conférenciers invités : Carol Peters


The Importance of Evaluation for Multilingual Information Access


The aim of large-scale evaluation campaigns is to build a strong research community and to stimulate advances in the state-of-the-art in a given domain. The main goal of the Cross Language Evaluation Forum has been to sustain the growth of excellence in language processing and multilingual information access (MLIA) systems and to encourage the creation of a consolidated research community in this multidisciplinary area.. At the end of 2009, CLEF completed its tenth year of activity; this is an appropriate moment in which to assess what has been achieved in this decade and also to consider the most effective directions for the future. The talk will thus trace the main steps taken by CLEF over the years to encourage the development of multimodal multilingual retrieval systems and will present the most significant results. We will describe how in recent years attention has been given not only to advances in research but also to technology transfer with the organization of tasks designed to meet the needs of specific application communities. Finally, we will discuss new factors and trends influencing the field. Since CLEF began the associated technologies, services and users of multilingual IR systems have been in continual evolution. The expectations and habits of users are constantly changing, together with the ways in which they interact with content and services, often creating new and original ways of exploiting them. The evaluation campaigns of the future must be able to successfully scale up and embrace new communities and technological paradigms.

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